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Someone Special (OMBS)

Someone Special (OMBS)

Gtarmetro is a member of OneMoreBlock and, although not very active, is always watching and observing OneMoreBlock. Gtarmetro joined OneMoreBlock on November 2, 2013.

Notable Actions

Gtarmetro is the newest know creator of the OneMoreBlock thread simulations, and has created multiple videos on the topic. He contributes as a secondary musician to Anuke's Astriverse, and helps the team in any way he can.

His most notable thread is the "Someone Special is Online" thread in which he states that Dave Werner was online.


Gtarmetro is an original Atmosphir user, playing the game since 2008. He was part of the first 500 accounts to make it into the Unity update, and his account name was "Gtarjohnkilla".

He participated in the ZSM multiplayer level competition and recieved 500 atmos as 1st place with his level "Sewer Plant".

Real Life

Gtarmetro is a 15 year old from Kentucky. He is a soundtrack artist for indie gaming and has had his music featured in multiple title. He is also an avid Youtube artist who posts what he wants, when he wants to.