Phantomboy is a part of OneMoreBlock's moderation team, and also amongst the most active users on the

Phantomboy's common avatar on OneMoreBlock

website. He joined OneMoreBlock on  October 9th, 2012.

Notable Actions

Phantomboy was behind the ideology and creation of the "OneMoreBlock sings" project, where he organizes users of the website to record lines for a cover of a popular piece of music. Also, he was the first user to create a remix video of (Dave Werner) Okaysamurai by using clips of the Jumpstart videos and time shifting them to fit music. He would also mix his sentences so Okaysamurai would sing in Japanese.

Another noteworthy event was when he wrote an entire paragraph on the letter A, and this, amongst many other random ramblings about beautiful nonsense is one of the many reasons he has the highest word count on the website.


Phantomboy was a previous Atmosphir user.

Real Life

He has hands and commonly wears a formal suit.