The Pigflag section of OneMoreBlock is an off-topic, joke section that focuses on humor and less constructive commentary.[citation needed]

Creation and History

The name "Pigflag" is a referance to an old inside-joke from Atmosphir. In which, a user of the Atmosphir beta suggested the developers add a Pig charater to the game, that would have a Finish Flag attached to it's back and would run from the Player.

This was passed off as a joke, however with the persistence of the original user and others - the community began referring to the suggestion more and more.

The Pigflag, became a common term for more than just the original suggestion, when Atmosphir users began to call any silly joke, thread, or etc. a "Pigflag"

During the creation of OneMoreBlock, the section was created as an offhanded nod to the community's roots.

Pigflag Humor

With the section's relaxed spam rule many users have taken to creating silly, creative or at times simply unexpected threads. Thus jokes such as "The xyz-est Pigflag Ever" and "I've Got Something Really Important Tell You" along with many others were born.

Pigflags' Policy on Serious Discussion

Moderators commonly state that any serious discussion should be placed in the off-topic section. The restriction on serious topics is likely due to a few accounts of serious discussions being turned into arguments/disputes, this usher was likely to remove confusion.