StreetLights' Common Avatar

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StreetLights is an active user on the OneMoreBlock forum, currently hold the title as the highest poster on the forums. StreetLights joined OneMoreBlock on January 20th, 2013 and has been a regular poster since.

Notable Actions

StreetLights is commonly known for being the creator of the forums RPG Thread as well as contributing his musical abilities to OneMoreBlock user Anuke for Astriverse, a game that Anuke is currently developing.

Streetlights has also created a few Pigflags, such contributing to the “xyz-est Pigflag Ever” joke along with many others. It has also been noted that OneMoreBlock user Phantomboy and StreetLighs both own the musical instrument Otamatone.


StreetLights is an original Atmosphir beta user, joining in early 2008. He went under the handle thecheatlord999, as such many of his external accounts still use that name.

Real Life

StreetLights is a sixteen year old from the United Kingdom. He is an electronic dance music producer (or EDM Producer) and has played various sets, such as for Cardboard Cyborg. He has appeared in a few videos and photos.