Electro Yoshi Pigflag

The original thread.

The xyz-est Pigflag ever, is an on-going joke in the Pigflags Section. In which the creator inserts a pun between the title of the thread and the actual content, often being an intentionally bland pun.


ElectroYoshi created the first xyz-est Pigflag on June 17th 2013, entitled "The Cheesiest Pigflag Ever" upon clicking the thread featured a photo from Neeraj Dairy products website on cheese, followed by an emoticon.

Noteable examples

Since then, other users Computoguy, Miniike and Streetlights have contributed with threads such as;

"The Fishiest Pigflag Ever" by Streetlights

"The Coolest Pigflag Ever" by Computoguy

"The Dirtiest Pigflag Ever" by Miniike

"The Tackiest Pigflag Ever" by ElectroYoshi

"The Trashiest Pigflag Ever" by ElectroYoshi

The quip is commonly viewed as at best a clever trick and at worst an unbearable joke. As such Miniike and even ElectroYoshi have attempted an unexpected spin on the joke in which the thread does not contain the now annticipated pun photo.