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TTA's avatar

TTA was a member of OneMoreBlock. He joined on October 9th 2012, and was banned on September 3rd 2013. At the time of writing, he holds 9th place on the top posters ranks.

Noteable Actions

TTA was the creator of the (now inactive) random video thread. He was also an avid writer and created the "Community Chronicles". He created the "What games are you playing right now?" Thread which continues to be active, even after his ban.

TTA also created the largely controversial "Papaya's Ban Has Been Revoked Guiz" thread, detailing a member's (papaya's) return to the abandoned voxelus forum after a lengthy ban sentence, and his plea (later proven faulty) to regain access to omb and his promise to be good. 


Tta created a plethera of levels during his time on atmosphir, but is known for patenting the invention of the "mid-bomb-explosion" avatar and the "block fog text" avatar. Among his levels also existed some fairly successful ones, including "The Watermelon Festival (2D10)" and "The Great Desert Canyon".

Tta was one of the 4 winners of the UGC block contest, with his "Crayon Grass Flower" texture.

Banning and controversy

Users TTA and DvChayz were banned from OneMoreBlock on September 3rd 2013. The reason for his banning was "Spam attacks and user harrassment". This sparked a large divide on the forum, with some users being for the ban and others being against it. Discussion of the ban still continues on other forums to this day.